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The operators are as general as net CDF itself: there are no restrictions on the contents of input file(s).NCO's internal routines are completely dynamic and impose no limit on the number or sizes of dimensions, variables, and files.Traditional geoscience data analysis requires users to work with numerous flat (data in one level or namespace) files.In that paradigm instruments or models produce, and then repositories archive and distribute, and then researchers request and analyze, collections of flat files.NCO has always (since 1995) been GPL'd Open Source. This facilitated collaboration, code contributions, and support. We continue to use the Source Forge discussion fora for historical continuity (seventeen years of searchable Q&A).No matter what your programming background there is a task you can help with.And it's hard to sell a federal agency on the wisdom of investing in a paradigm shift!

To realize our grander ambition, i.e., to shift geoscience data analysis from a flat- to a hierarchical-paradigm (GODAD), will require a sustained effort and software ecosystem that understands and implement hierarchical dataset concepts.The ACME project provides the resources to implement support for parallel regridding and workflows in NCO accessible through UV-CDAT.Spatially intelligent, parallelized analysis tools are a key component of the Group-Oriented Data Analysis and Distribution (GODAD) paradigm we are developing for geoscience data analysis.From re-organizing the TODO list itself, to improving this cheesy webpage, to documentation, to designing and implementing new features and interfaces, we need your help!The project homepage contains mailing lists, discussion forums, and instructions to make contributing to NCO easy. An equally effective contribution in the long-run would be your endorsement, which may make the difference between a declined and an accepted proposal.

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